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Sometimes, Always, AppleCare

I’m not typically one for extended warranties. AppleCare is the one exception. I always buy AppleCare. Continue reading

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How Screwed-Up is Apple Safari? I Think It Needs Therapy.

Some people think that because I worked for Microsoft for so many years that I’m an Apple hater.  Well, that’s not actually true.  Fact is, I’ve had a Macintosh on my desks, at work and home, pretty much constantly since … Continue reading

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Rotten Bitter Apple

Update: Word from comiXology now after many hand-wringing updates overnight is that Apple didn’t prevent comiXology from pushing to iOS apps, but comiXology made the call.  In a letter on their blog page, comiXology CEO David Steinberger noted: After hearing … Continue reading

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Design vs. Fashion vs. User

I found myself rereading parts of Richard Saul Wurman’s Information Anxiety this afternoon. Last week at Presentation Summit I gave a talk on the Pecha Kucha format. Pecha Kucha is a form of presentation using exactly 20 slides, with each slide advancing automatically after 20 … Continue reading

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Warning Wunderlist Users!

          UPDATE: Apparently @WunderlistHelp just tweeted the following. Wunderlist Support‏@WunderlistHelp If you’re missing lists, they are safe. Please sign out and back in again. So sorry for the trouble! I have not tried this, will check … Continue reading

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Calming Down the Grandpa in Office 2013

I got a lot of good feedback on The First Thing to Do to Your New PowerPoint 2013, thanks and wow – happy to help. So OK, here’s the second thing you should do after you install Office 2013.  It’s … Continue reading

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This is so easy to do…

There are some things that are such a pleasure to do, to pass along, to endorse… it kind of feels like cheating, like “duh” this doesn’t even have to be said. Yeah, this is one of those. I love the … Continue reading

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My iOS 5 Update on iPad

Just finished the iOS 5 update on my iPad 2. Man, what a marathon. It basically needs to back up your data, reset the device, update the OS, then restore your data. So plan for a few hours to completion. … Continue reading

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Why does this appeal to me so?

There’s something magic about retro tech. Continue reading

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An ending leads.

Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before: I honestly never meant to stay this long. Continue reading

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