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Presentation Pros in NYC

What? You’re in or near New York around July 19th? Well, let me hook you up with the secret password that will get you in the door for free. Continue reading

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Considering the Blue Pill…

Sure, and there’s stuff you can do with digital that you could never do with physical media. I travel with hundreds of books in my backpack. I can choose what movie I want to watch on the plane. Mix tape from 100’s of albums when and where I want? Sure, I’m future boy!

It’s all upside, right? What could be wrong? But about this time in any SyFy movie, you know the foreboding music is about to rise and everything you’ve been enjoying is about to turn on you. Continue reading

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Wireless… Not Really.

Looking at the otherwise seductive Moto 360, I’m struck by the beauty of the watch and the confusion it represents. Its charger is labeled “wireless” which is mismanaged marketing of what is more correctly known as inductive charging.  Inductive charging means … Continue reading

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Just checking in…

Why wear two watches? And why don’t they tell the same time? A bit of a puzzle of course.

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Four Days to Better Presenting – Yes, You Can!

Oh dear. Another drab blog entry about presenting.  Well, maybe not. If you hear the title Presentation Summit, you might picture an international cabal, those folks from around the world whose job it is to keep presentations bland, sleep-inducing and … Continue reading

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This is so easy to do…

There are some things that are such a pleasure to do, to pass along, to endorse… it kind of feels like cheating, like “duh” this doesn’t even have to be said. Yeah, this is one of those. I love the … Continue reading

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Justin and I decided to take the new car out for a longish drive on Friday, in preparation for our longer drive to Anaheim next weekend.  We bascially went counter-clockwise around the bay, stops in Berkeley, Marin, San Francisco, and … Continue reading

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Lunch yesterday in Commander’s Palace in Las Vegas. CP is a reproduction of a famous New Orlean’s eatery (which is currently shut down thanks to recent weather.) This is a lovely restaurant, posh and delicious. A jazz trio wanders about, … Continue reading

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Justin went off to Angel Island recently on an overnight camp out/bike excursion.  I got pictures from one of the scoutmasters last week and published them on the BSA 318 site I maintain for the troop.  Here’s a sample with … Continue reading

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We’re in Bend today.  Nine hour drive yesterday.  Usually we do a book on tape for the drive but this time it was all satellite radio and Podcasts.  Never been to bend?  More info here:    

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Fake picture blog from NY

Picture that was taken in New York of a burning garbage bin.  You could see the smoke for blocks, and it was plastic stuff so you could smell it as far away or more.  Guy in front of the smoke … Continue reading

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