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Presentation Pros in NYC

What? You’re in or near New York around July 19th? Well, let me hook you up with the secret password that will get you in the door for free. Continue reading

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Savino Wine Preservation System Unboxing

Sometimes we have to put the tech, and the presenting and the other stuff geeky aside and just enjoy a glass of wine. But maybe we can combine a few of these. The latest tech in wine storage. The geeky … Continue reading

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QuickTechThought: Our Red Toaster

Our pretty red toaster died this week. Sunbeam Oster. It wasn’t even three years old.  I know, I know, they don’t make things like they used to.  But it’s just a toaster, it’s supposed to be pretty fundamentally simple.   … Continue reading

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What could be better than a new coffee getup for Christmas? How about your own Starbucks? OK, well, it’s a bit late for Christmas, and it’s not exactly my own, but surfacing just 200 steps out the front door here … Continue reading

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