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How can I help you?

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How can we be awesome together?

This should be the basis of any consulting arrangement. I only want to take part in things where I can do my best work. Hopefully that appeals to you. Let’s discuss how we get there.

Currently I’m offering customized consulting for individuals and small groups of presenters, with focus on planning your presentation, the use of software in creating compelling slides, and effective performing in front of an audience.

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My Blog

Over a decade ago I started the Official PowerPoint Team Blog, which became a model for blogging in Microsoft’s Office product teams. And three years later, I still have more blog entries than just about any other single blogger still working there.

Now I blog for myself, but there’s a continued focus in writing about presenting excellence. How to avoid death by PowerPoint and compel your audience through tightly crafted, well thought-through, visual communications.

I also sneak in a fair amour of commentary on technology, politics within technology, and just about anything that strikes my fancy. At the end of the day if you’re not enjoying your work, your reading, your accomplishments, what’s the point?

Maybe it will strike your fancy too. And if you like or disagree or question something, that’s terrific! Drop me a line in comments or write directly!

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Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where presenters use 20 slides to tell their story. Each slide is set to advance in 20 seconds. In 6 minutes 40 seconds the presentation is over. It’s kind of like Iron Chef for presenters, and events are wonderfully engaging and fun.

I founded the San Jose, CA branch of the Pecha Kucha organization. We have quarterly events that are announced here. You’ll also find materials and videos from prior events that should help convince you that this is an exercise worthy of trying yourself.

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Conventions are great fun, aren’t they?

If you said no, perhaps you’re going to the wrong conventions.

I love talking with other convention goers about all my interests, and I typically pick up a few of their interests.

These are a few places you can often find me throughout the year.

Link to come.

Fanboy Planet

At the end of the day, we’re all about fun. Fanboy Planet is a web site Derek McCaw created many DC World Ending events ago. I occasionally write articles and produce the weekly podcast for Fanboy Planet. It’s not for everybody, but chances are you’ll like it. Fanboys are just people with a focused passion. You’re probably one yourself. Join us.

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About Ric Bretschneider

Ric Bretschneider is a technologist, trouble maker, and problem solver whose interests outstretch his available time by a significant magnitude. Professionally he splits his time between attempting to raise the quality of business communications, particularly presenting, and a love of software design and development.

At Microsoft, Ric spent 17 years designing and molding the program that became a juggernaut in business communication. The list of features he worked on while there is really too long to list here. He tried to give PowerPoint a face and voice by creating the Microsoft PowerPoint Team blog. Years after leaving MSFT he still has more entries there than any other blogger. And, shortly after leaving Microsoft, Ric was awarded PowerPoint MVP status a recognition held by around a dozen people in the US.

In his spare time Ric founded the San Jose California branch of the Pecha Kucha presentation event, and can occasionally be heard on his Presentations Roundtable podcast, promoting excellence in design and technique through interviews of industry professionals. He blogs when he feels there’s something he can say that actually contributes to insights or solutions. He hopes you appreciate his restraint.

Follow me on Twitter

There’s absolutely no telling what I’m going to be praising, questioning, ranting, exploring, or just chatting about on Twitter. Some days are more active than others, but I won’t blast your feed with a ton of robot-created nonsense. It’s all hand-crafted and sincerely written.

If you’re of a mind to, feel free to follow me: @RicBret


I think linked-in is a somewhat flawed model where people who barely know you praise your abilities in hopes that you will do the same for them. As a business model, that’s like claiming all the speed dating candidates you interviewed were lasting and meaningful relationships.

That said, there have been so many people asking me for a LI profile I threw one together. You know what I think of it, you can decide for yourself if this has any value. Visit me on LinkedIN

Surprise Bonus

And yes. I know. You’ve been wondering.

How do you pronounce that last name?

It’s the five consonants in a row that throw people. Simply divide the word between the T and the S, as if it were hyphenated,

Bret – Schneider

and you’re 90% there. Schneider cramps the sch into a “shhh” sound, that blends into a “ny” and ends with a “der.”

It’s tough, to be honest I sometimes screw it up myself. Don’t be shy. I answer to just about anything close.

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