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Sometimes, Always, AppleCare

I’m not typically one for extended warranties. AppleCare is the one exception. I always buy AppleCare. Continue reading

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Want to Request a New PowerPoint feature?

Stop yelling at PowerPoint and start yelling directly at the PowerPoint team!
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Considering the Blue Pill…

Sure, and there’s stuff you can do with digital that you could never do with physical media. I travel with hundreds of books in my backpack. I can choose what movie I want to watch on the plane. Mix tape from 100’s of albums when and where I want? Sure, I’m future boy!

It’s all upside, right? What could be wrong? But about this time in any SyFy movie, you know the foreboding music is about to rise and everything you’ve been enjoying is about to turn on you. Continue reading

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How Screwed-Up is Apple Safari? I Think It Needs Therapy.

Some people think that because I worked for Microsoft for so many years that I’m an Apple hater. ¬†Well, that’s not actually true. ¬†Fact is, I’ve had a Macintosh on my desks, at work and home, pretty much constantly since … Continue reading

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My iOS 5 Update on iPad

Just finished the iOS 5 update on my iPad 2. Man, what a marathon. It basically needs to back up your data, reset the device, update the OS, then restore your data. So plan for a few hours to completion. … Continue reading

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