Why does this appeal to me so?

I recently got a link to a page that advertised an updated Commodore PC.  Amazing PC stats with a nostalgic nod to our wasted youth. No joystick, no Donkey Kong (or similar knock-off) in sight, yet the memories rush to the surface, unbidden, yet very welcome.

However, a few moments investigation proved that I was mistaken.  The original game system was just the inspiration for a series of new PCs, the picture on the page there to evoke that nostalgic blush.  Sure the new models are pretty, but they’re not really what I got excited about.  I wished the maker had fabricated the original plastics, the original shape and feel of the old computer, and pumped it full of current high-tech goodness.  Then I could simply tote it home and hook it up to a monitor out of Brazil and bask in geeky glory.

Why am I so attracted to this type of product?  Is there really such a mystery?  The cutting edge and the nostalgic glow combine into something wonderful.  It does recapture the original magic that, to me at least, was the promise of technology.

And similarly, my new iPad yearns for a keyboard. And now it yearns for this keyboard. I give you the ultimate in the retro realm. Sure, a tad more expensive than the Apple provided solution, but so many points for flat-out cool.

USB Typewriter

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