Want to show off your presentation design skills?

Every year, Rick Altman throws a party disguised as a conference. This year the conference is called the Presentation Summit, and he’s holding it on October 17th-20th  at the Catamaran Resort Hotel.  That’s just two blocks from the Pacific Ocean in San Diego, on a private bay side setting.

Presentation Summit

The attendees are all there to learn about how to make better presentations.  They also make great contacts within the industry, have a couple of fun days learning cool techniques and tools, and generally have a great time.  Oh yeah, there’s usually an open bar, a game show, a late-night rap session, and occasionally people go into the pool fully dressed. But they do come away from this unique experience armed to create and give better presentations.

And Rick wants you to join this year’s festivities for free.

All you have to do is produce a great presentation design for use by the conference presenters.  The winner gets free attendance.  The details are here: http://www.betterppt.com/summit/design-contest.   Want to get a sense of what we’re talking about here?  Check out the previous years winners: http://www.betterppt.com/summit/design-contest/past-winners.

So what are you waiting for?

Here’s another link just for fun: http://www.betterppt.com/summit/video/


Rick Altman of the Presentation Summit conference wants to have you join his festivities for free.
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