Oh, where to start…

That’s the problem for me. I get so many “good” ideas, they all violently compete for my attention, I have trouble dealing with the conflict so I go off and do something totally unrelated. In short, it’s easy to come up with posts I want to write, hard to pick one. Yeah, so unique.

Ric as a character on Mad Men.

Creating your Mad Men icon, another escape from actually writing.

Lately I’ve taken to simply starting one-line drafts of ideas for posts, some on presenting, a few on design.  And now, with a technique that borders on inspirational laziness, I have a half-dozen or so I think are ripe so I’m asking if there’s any particular interest in reading a specific one of these.  So here they are:

  • The Microsoft Secrets Post – Now that I don’t work for Microsoft any more, what can I really tell you about PowerPoint?  Honestly, if you’ve ever heard me do a late-night guru session this is likely more of the same, less legally actionable than it sounds.
  • That’s Not Presenting – This is a list of presenting “impulses” and which ones to avoid.
  • The Unsung Grid – One of the most obscure bits of help you can get, and perhaps most meaningful.
  • It’s not your slides… – So many things go wrong outside of slide composition.
  • Undoing PowerPoint Defaults – Sure, the defaults are there for a reason, but that doesn’t mean they’re right.
  • You’re holding it wrong – The Steve Jobs defense of the iPhone 4 implies so much about justifying bad design…
  • The Classic PowerPoint Questions – How many slides? How many bullets? How to write good bullets? Yeah, there’s still a role for bullets.
  • Countdown… – A suggested time-line: from assignment to presentation, and beyond!

So my imaginary reader, do any of these “resonate” with you?  Let me know, I’m feeling some writing coming on… or is that the sore throat?

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5 Responses to Oh, where to start…

  1. jpadkins says:

    that’s not presenting!

  2. It’s not your slides, but why not do one a week?

  3. Nirav says:

    The Unsung Grid!

  4. Dave Ak says:

    The Unsung Grid
    And maybe make an example from your unsung but awesome collection of science fiction.

    • ricbret says:

      Thanks Dave. Not sure how the science fiction that has overrun my bookshelves would work into the using grid controls for slide composition, but I’ll give it some thought.

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