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Cinequest 2018: How to Cinequest!

As regular listeners to the Fanboy Planet Podcast know, San Jose’s award-winning Cinequest film festival opened last night.  Opening night at Cinequest typically features an independent film that has or is expected to shortly gain general distribution, and last night’s … Continue reading

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Swallow the red pill…

As you may already know from prior posts, as well as producing the weekly podcast, I often write for a website called Fanboy Planet. Fanboy Planet reports on all the silly and serious aspects of being a fan in this … Continue reading

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Yes, it is hot. But not terrible. Hey, 95% of the day we’re in the airconditioned meeting rooms.    More highlight pictures below…  Early gatherers.  A cool little German "Mouse" game called "Burg Appenzell" where you slide stuff about in a … Continue reading

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Big vacation time.  Oasis of Fun in Atlanta Georga.  It’s an invitation only gaming convention.  This year I got an invite by virtue of my friend and fellow pod-caster Doug Garrett.  So, fly to Atlanta with no expectations, for four … Continue reading

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Saturday I got some quality gaming time in with Doug and Shelly.  Afterwards we recorded episode 19 of Garrett’s Games and Geekiness.  Short episode where we discussed the games we had played, and local Science Fiction conventions.  You can read … Continue reading

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This is a big weekend comming for geeks.  Board game geeks that is.  Thursday afternoon father and son pack up the Odyssey and drive to Anaheim for GenCon SoCal, which is to say the second-biggest gaming convention in America, held in … Continue reading

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