Yes, it is hot. But not terrible. Hey, 95% of the day we’re in the airconditioned meeting rooms. 
More highlight pictures below…
 Early gatherers.  A cool little German "Mouse" game called "Burg Appenzell" where you slide stuff about in a multi-layered board.  Got to be a good game when you come in last and still say "oooh, I need this one!"  One of several games of Zendo.  This one was one of the bigger ones. Learning Notre Dame.  Daytona 500, a race game that’s kind of old but still great.  A fifty year old Parker Brother’s game called Astron, that was just fabulous!  The board scrolled past under the pieces which sat on a transparent layer of plastic.  Viva Pampolona, a game about bull fighting.
Missing are pictures of the barbeque place we hit for lunch.  Did you know Mac and Cheese is a vegetable?  Yeah, it’s a bit different down here…
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  1. Becca says:

    I did know that was a vegetable. So are fries. And mashed potatoes.

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