A beginning follows…

Seems so odd that both WordPress and I have both been on the web for so long, but we’ve never had a significant collision.  Well, it’s about time to change that.  With all that’s changing for me right now, and there will be details shortly, it does seem time to put down some verbiage in a non-Facebook, Twitterless form.

I give no details at this point, no hints of what is to come.  Consider this the orchestra warming to the lead violinist’s middle-C if I may be so presumptuous to use such an allusion.  

Of course, if you’re reading this before those changes have come to fruit, you’re probably scratching your head. You no doubt have the obvious questions. You may be annoyed by my silence, by my annoying ability to keep some things secret. Yes, I do recognize it’s annoying.

To that, I must say simply patience. All will be revealed with time.  And you’re likely not reading this at all, anyway.

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