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If you read all the footnotes in yesterday’s post you noted that I promised to tell you “how to get a little magic in that whole presentation construction part of being perfect.”  So, here goes…

 Last year I was honored to be asked to join the board of an exciting new group.  A group whose goal it is to connect and support professional presentation builders. A group whose initial board and membership reads like the who’s-who of amazing presentations. Yeah, I joined. Took me about 30 seconds to decide.

The founding members of the Presentation Guild, a not-for-profit organization, have been hard at work getting ready for you.  Quietly creating an environment where presentation professionals can enjoy just the right mix of community, training, support and comradery. Someplace we can all hang out at the virtual water cooler, go to classes, listen to experts in our field talk, and definitively set the presentation professional in the public spotlight as an essential industry position.

And it’s all about to launch. It’s about to get loud.

The Presentation Guild

The Presentation Guild

You can get in on the pre-launch activities now. There are many benefits for those who become active early. The website is available, even though it is still working the last few startup-kinks out. You can sign up for the newsletter which will provide you with advance notice as all the cool things come online; training, forums, webinars, guest speakers, articles… everything you can imagine. And if you can imagine something that isn’t there, you’ll have a venue for letting us know, or even helping build it. That’s one of the benefits of getting involved with the guild now; you can be one of the creators and shapers right along with the rest of us.

So obviously we’re all super excited about the guild. And we hope you’ll join. We’re anxious to meet you. And we don’t want you to miss the launch party.

Check it out today.

Ric Bretschneider
May 19, 2016

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3 Responses to Your Presentation Guild

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  2. Jack Whitt says:

    Hi, Ric.

    I’ve tried to join, but it’s telling me I need an invite code.

    I do realize it is not free to join. Stephy was kind enough to point me in the direction of the professional members’ sign-up area, but after entering all my info, it said ‘invite code’ required.

    Can you help? I look forward to joining!

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