The Garr Box…

To be honest, I’m having a little trouble getting to the point where I write every day. But I’m lucky, I have inspiring friends who help me get past this without even trying.  Today is Garr Reynold’s turn.

It’s Wednesday night, and I return home to another package from Amazon on the doorstep.  Monday night it was Nancy Duarte’s Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences. I’ve been savoring the early two page chapters and really expect this is another book I’ll enjoy recommending to people who care about their communication.

In Monday’s post, I joked about resisting the urge to do an “unboxing video.”  Unboxing videos are common in electronics reviews. The reviewer simply records with video as he opens the package and examines the pieces as they come out. It’s just about anticipating use rather than talking about their experiences, because really there haven’t been any experiences yet. They’re kind of silly, and yet compelling, but you just don’t do them for books and DVDs. And certainly not for a…

Oh well, the urge tonight was too strong.  The package was Garr Reynolds’s The Presentation Zen Way: Video Lessons on Simple Presentation Design and Delivery. I’m a soft touch for cool packaging and knew what to expect here, so I broke out the camera and took pictures along the way.

Nice cloth box, textured, with a lovely slip card around it.

This is classic Presentation Zen. Just enough but not too much. A beautiful and sparse slip card over a textured cloth box.

The cover removed.

Again, very clean with the slip removed. Embossed lettering on the cover. The spine has a silver foil text treatment. This is a hinged box that will look equally good on the shelf or desk.

Box is open!

And now open, we see pencils, a coupon for free photographs, some sticky notes for later storyboarding, and the DVD - video of Garr teaching the Presentation Zen lessons.

Removing the tray.

Removing the bento style tray exposes a high quality spiral bound notebook...

Storyboarding pages

...full of potential. All lined up with storyboarding guides, ready to help turn your next presentation into an epic experience.

Events like this make it easy to get back into writing about design goodness and presentation technique. Thanks Garr!

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  1. Ute-S says:

    I like your photos which show that you savor this Bento box with a good glass of red wine. And the box must be so fascinating that you not even took a sip of it in between, as the photos show ;-)

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