Cinequest 2023 – Danny Goes Aum

Danny is a burned-out video editor who is on vacation in India after a health scare. He is furiously rewriting scripts for a new movie that eventually gets turned down. After burning the scripts he worked on, he starts paying attention to other people around him and interacting with them. Eventually Danny moves to Goa, India and finds out that his parents met in the same area in the 1970’s. And a new screenplay is developed from his real life interactions.

The movie is very enjoyable in no small credit to the beautiful scenery in Goa. If you like seeing sunsets over the ocean, then you will like this movie! Danny meanders through the scenery, and nothing happens very quickly, but the happenings are important.

The joy of Cinequest is being able to meet and talk with filmmakers in a casual environment. I was able to speak with actors Andrew Sloman (Danny) and Marianne Borgo (Lucie). Unfortunately Director/Screenwriter Sandeep Mohan was not able to attend. Marianne has acted in several of Sandeep’s films and Danny Goes Aum is his fifth film. Filmed on location in Goa, and halfway through the Covid shutdown, tourists were virtually non-existant. The crews basically had a private beach for filming. The whole crew of five lived in one house and Marianne said they all became very close during production.

Andrew is also a singer/songwriter, and his music was used in the film as well as some previous films of Sandeep’s. Andrew sings and plays the guitar in the movie, and both are important to the story.

Danny Goes Aum is an inspirational movie without trying to teach us something, which is what makes it enjoyable. I recommend it.

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Debbie Bretschneider
August 17, 2023

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