Just so you don’t think I’ve been spending all day trying to get this phone photo blog thing working, today I went out early and bought a gazebo, then had lunch, then went and test drove a Mustang GT, went to Frys and bought speakers, went to Mountain View Mini and kicked the tires on the S series Cooper, then came home.  Tonight was Etheopian food at SheBele in Campbell ( then off to Barnes and Noble for some books.  Finally ended up at Paradox Playground, the new game store in the neighborhood ( ) run by some women I knew a lifetime ago…

Then I came home and finally figured out how to get that damn picture of the toilet up via mail sent from my phone.  Secrets: isn’t really, it’s, and Spaces want’s the exact address before it accepts a mail blog entry.  That and the HTTPMail add-in for the Audiovox SMT5600 ( )   probably doesn’t really support attachments… gotta write that guy a letter.

Anyway, sent the toilet picture from phone to blog entry finally.  Why a toilet?  It was the first one in the list, an old picture I took for reference on a trip to Home Depot when I was going to buy parts.  Yeah, it’s deleted now…

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