Preview is one of those words that usually implies something good.  Rarely anything bad, and if bad it’s usually ignorable while you wait for something better to come out. 
Movies are the same way.  You never hear someone really dreading going to a movie.  OK, if you’re a guy and you’re being dragged off to see Sisterhood of the Steel Magnolias there are certainly a ton of things you’d rather be doing, but if you relax you might enven enjoy watching the chicks in the chick flick.
So if you put them both together, you’ve got double-plus good fun.  Movie Preview.  And that’s happening tonight! My main connection, Andy who is not Brian, slipped me a pass for Tim Burton’s new Corpse Bride movie.  Whoo hoo!  Rarely if ever does TB disappoint.  Animated too, like Nightmare before Christmas.  Should be fun. 
Really looking forward to it.
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