My friend Doug Garrett is getting to be quite the name in the boardgaming geek-o-sphere.  He’s the boardgame coordinator for KublaCon, one of the best gaming conventions out there, and now a regular on the Board Game Speak podcast from the BoardGame Geek web site.  If you’re not a geek, this is just rambling, but if you’re tuned into the geek space, this is big stuff.
Anyway, Doug has been doing a weekly podcast of his own, but has been having some rough times getting the audio working right.  I have some pretty high-end audio recording stuff now, and asked him if he wanted me to come over to do a recording session for him.  He said yes, and unexpectedly asked me if I wanted to be on the show.  Sure, sounds fun.  We did the recording on April 1st, had a great time, and it’s posted today at Garret’s Games and Geekiness.  Check it out.  Here’s a picture of Doug and some of the equipement.
Note: I have to formally appologize to Doug’s wife Shelly for inspiring Doug to go out and drop some big cash on an M-Audio MicroTrack 24/96 portable digital recorder.  Gadget geeking is as infectious as boardgame geeking.
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