Justin and I have been playing "Destroy All Humans" video game some evenings.  He’s recently finished the epic rpg Fable, and is basically sitting nearby as I manipulate the small alien giving me advice like "what happens when you jump in the water" (I dissolved, restart mission) or "why aren’t you in your spaceship" (shot down by rockets, restart mission). It’s a bonding experience.

Overall, a fun game. Some of the manic aspects of Grand Theft Auto, but in this case the race issues are Human Race vs Alien Race, and that distances it from a Mature rating.  Frankly, having grown up in a pre-Bloods ‘n Crips Inglewood ("Center Park Blood – Represent!")  I’m not all that interested in the anti-heros of gangsterism and have never played more than two or three minutes of the game in stores.

So anyway, lil’ alien Krypto, Justin, and I should be having some fun as we slowly evolve our plans for world conquest.  News at 11.

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