eVen at an eBay bargain price, even though they were new in box, spending $300 for a pair of headphones sounds pretty crazy at first.  But when you hear new stuff in every song you have in your collection, when all your old albums sound brand new, the price kinda gets spread out over a bunch of new experiences. 
It’s sorta like redating a bunch of old girlfriends, only now they’re prettier and nicer.
So what are they?  Sennheiser HD 650s.  I was borderline buying a pair of 600s for $300, but when I saw an auction for a new pair the 650s on eBay I figured I’d give it a go.  I just got lucky.
The sad thing about new headphones is that you can’t really share them.  Show them to a friend and you only make them upset with their current sound.  Share them for a bit, and there’s still the "ok, give them back now" moment.  Talk about them on your blog, even though they’re totally the most impressive thing you’ve been exposed to and you just want to write a bunch of run-on sentences about how nice they are and how much you’re enjoying yourself with them and how you wish everyone could have a pair and experience what you’re experiencing… well it still comes out sounding like bragging.
Oh well…maybe you’ll get yourself a pair and join me in nerdvana.
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