Well, it’s complete.  Justin’s Eagle project is all ready to be trampled by an enthusiastic set of elementary school students.
As you’ll recall, the project was to create a map of the US on the grounds of local elementary school Famatre.  Justin planned the execution, budgeted it, got funding, prepared a plan and a report, presented it to the county scout officials, and then recruited scouts and Cub scouts to actually do the work.  Took three weekends and a couple of week day sessions. 
We ran into one real snag, mild vandalism.  Local kids apparently liked the slicker painted surface and decided to skid their bikes across the map.  We had to do some cleaning and repainting but everything looked great again.  The last thing we did was an impromptu sealing of the map with Thompson’s – took a couple of hours yesterday. 
Anyway, you’re not really interested in all these words, you want to see pictures, so here they are.  Justin really has a lot to be proud of, as do his mother and I.
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