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The First Thing to Do to Your New PowerPoint 2013…

Warning, I’m pretty opinionated when it comes to a garish design that I have to look at for hours at a time. I find it personally offending and I’m not going to mince words here. Luckily there’s a quick fix … Continue reading

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PowerPoint History, 25 years ago…

This has to be quick.  Sorry for any typos or errors, but I’m packing, medicating, and generally running about today and this could not wait. I got a very nice letter from Bob Gaskins yesterday. If you don’t recognize the … Continue reading

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GoPayment Vs. Square – One More Thing, One Less Thing…

I signed up for Intuit’s new GoPayment card system yesterday. Thought I’d share a few thoughts. GoPayment is a way for regular folks to take credit card payments from other regular folks using your cell phone or tablet.  It’s advertised … Continue reading

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QuickTechThought: Our Red Toaster

Our pretty red toaster died this week. Sunbeam Oster. It wasn’t even three years old.  I know, I know, they don’t make things like they used to.  But it’s just a toaster, it’s supposed to be pretty fundamentally simple.   … Continue reading

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The value of writing reuse…

Every now and then I start off a blog entry with “I really don’t write often enough…” But that’s not really true.  I write a ton of stuff, it just doesn’t always end up here.  The articles I write very … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead…

AMC just released a new bit of advertising for the October 31st release of their “The Walking Dead” series.  That’s it over there on the left. The series is based on a comic by the brilliant Robert Kirkman.  The stark … Continue reading

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Nancy Duarte’s new book, Resonate, is in the house. Continue reading

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Oh, where to start…

So my imaginary reader, do any of these “resonate” with you? Let me know, I’m feeling some writing coming on… or is that the sore throat? Continue reading

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An ending leads.

Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before: I honestly never meant to stay this long. Continue reading

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A beginning follows…

I must say simply patience. All will be revealed with time. And you’re likely not reading this at all, anyway. Continue reading

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